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Why Mommies Need Mentors

I never imagined motherhood would be so isolating.I was prepared for the sleepless nights. I was ready for the snotty noses and dirty diapers and even the Lego minefields, but I was not prepared for the loneliness. And I was certainly not prepared for the uncertainty.Before your child is verbal, your guess is as good as any to determine why they are crying. All the obvious needs are met, and yet they’re still not sleeping. Is it her teeth? Is he too hot? Too cold? Is she overly tired? Overstimulated?It can be maddening. Then, as they grow into toddlers there is a whole new set of worries- what battles do I choose to fight? Am I expecting too much of them? Not enough? Is that behavior normal? Is it a just a phase or do I need to nip it in the bud?

I cannot even imagine the challenges brought on by adolescence or *shudder* the teenage years.

Mentoring: A real-world solution

I have often thought how lovely it would be to have an older woman come and sit with me for a day, just to observe me and my toddler and tell me how I’m doing. I long for some support and direction. Then, one day, it occurred to me: that support is out there; it’s called a mentor.

To read more about Mommy Mentors, including what a mentoring relationship looks like and how to get one, continue reading at the East Texas Mom’s Blog!

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