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Supporting Your Friend Through a Miscarriage

The ringing phone reverberated through my quiet office. I reached across my desk lazily and picked up the receiver:

“Expectant Heart Pregnancy Resource Center, this is Mary K. How can I help you?”

“Mary K., I…I lost the baby,” With those words my sweet client dissolved into tears on the other end of the phone.

Six months had passed since I opened the doors of Expectant Heart. I did so with the intention of helping women welcome a new baby into their world. Naively, I never considered I might also be called upon to help some of them say goodbye.

I met this particular client a mere two months before when she and her boyfriend came into the center for a free pregnancy test. The baby was never unwanted, but it was unplanned. Over the next few weeks, I had the incredible opportunity to meet with them several times. We worked through how to tell their family about the baby and what immediate and long-term changes they might make to prepare for this new life. They were excited to be parents and instantly in love with their child.

I was heartbroken, crying with my new friend, as she told me about their loss. She asked if I would come by the hospital where they would complete the miscarriage. As I drove to meet them, I panicked about what I would say and wondered how I could be of any comfort to them.

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