Five reasons your work matters

How to Wait Well When God Says ‘Not Yet’

After seven years as an administrative assistant, I couldn't wait for a job change. I wanted something new and exciting! Something that tapped into my gifts and passions. Yet, each time I sent out my resume it felt as if I was shouting into a dark, deserted hallway; nothing but an echo returning ... READ the POST

Holding On To Peace While Pursuing Your Dreams

Launching new dreams can be exhilarating... That is, until the fear sets in... When God first called me to write, I was all in! I launched my blog, found a community, and never looked back. Yet over time, I began to feel discontent with my progress. I started to worry about my metrics and compare ... READ the POST

Memorizing an Entire Book of the Bible

Of all the ways to grow my faith, memorizing His Word has been my least favorite... In fact, outside of studying for the Bible Bowl of 1999, I have never consistently memorized Scripture. Oh, I’ve read Scripture! And I’ve thought about it and studied it. I’ve even taught it. But I’ve never ... READ the POST

Raising Our Children to be Weapons of War

I pulled the glossy birth announcement from its pale blue envelope and instantly smiled. Nestled in a brown wicker basket filled with cozy white fluff was my friend’s newborn son. Psalm 127:4-5 was scrolled overhead in a fanciful font: “Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s ... READ the POST

Handling “Busy” Like A Christian

“If the devil can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.” I’ve nodded my head in agreement with this statement more times than I can count. Yes, I know all too well the peril of a busy life, the kind that keeps you running at a breakneck pace and leaves you crabby and anxious. I have lived life with ... READ the POST

Joseph: From Dreamer to Leader

On a warm, arid night, under a star-filled sky, a young shepherd boy named Joseph dreamed of eleven sheaves of grain bowing down to a twelfth. Divinely inspired, this dream would trigger a series of events spanning the next twenty years of his life, culminating with Joseph placed in a role of great ... READ the POST