Five reasons your work matters

Joseph: From Dreamer to Leader

On a warm, arid night, under a star-filled sky, a young shepherd boy named Joseph dreamed of eleven sheaves of grain bowing down to a twelfth. Divinely inspired, this dream would trigger a series of events spanning the next twenty years of his life, culminating with Joseph placed in a role of great ... READ the POST

The Key to Productivity in God’s Economy

Seven months into parenthood, I knew something had to change. I had expected the diaper changes, the snotty noses, even the sleepless nights; but I had not anticipated the frustration, the fear, or the perpetual feeling of falling behind. I woke up one morning to my daughter babbling in her ... READ the POST

I’m Not Mom Enough For More Kids

I need to do a little external processing here. And I figured what better place to do that than with my ETMB tribe? So, I hope you’ll excuse me as I try to work through some rather complicated feelings I have about capping my family at two kids. I have been gifted with the most beautiful ... READ the POST

So, You Have a Dream…

Hey there, Mama. What are you dreaming about these days? Do you have a small business budding in the corner of your heart? A side-hustle you think about while folding clothes? I’ve been there. In fact, I’m still there. Nearly seven years ago I founded a small non-profit organization called ... READ the POST

Why Mommies Need Mentors

I never imagined motherhood would be so isolating. I was prepared for the sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and even the Lego minefields, but I was not prepared for the loneliness. And I was certainly not prepared for the uncertainty. Before your child is verbal, your guess is as good as any to ... READ the POST

Supporting Your Friend Through a Miscarriage

The ringing phone reverberated through my quiet office. Without taking my eyes off of the file I was reading, I reached across my desk and picked up the receiver: “Expectant Heart Pregnancy Resource Center, this is Mary K. How can I help you?” “It's Emma...I…I lost the baby,” my sweet client ... READ the POST