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My greatest passion is creating resources to help you cultivate a faithful heart amid this frenzied world. This page features some of my most popular resources for you to download. Downloading one of these resources grants you access to the bonus material found in my subscribers-only resource library, as well as my once-a-month newsletter, where I will send you my latest blog posts and the newest installment of the Faithful Hearts devotional study. 

Faithful Hearts Devotional Study

Do you long for more peace? More patience? More compassion?

In 2019, I began a journey to pursue a heart like His; believing His promise that when I seek Him with all my heart, I will find Him. Will you join me? 

Each month this year, I will be sending out a seven-day devotional study highlighting a different attribute of a faithful heart.  We’ll learn about humility, joy, peace, faith, hope, love, wonder, community and more! It is my deepest prayer that, as we set our hearts on Christ, He will show us how to cultivate a faithful heart amid this frenzied world. Fill out the form below to download your copy!



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Wholly Devoted 2019 Prayer Guide

This year, commit your heart, mind, soul, strength, and community to God through this brief, six-day prayer guide.

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Discover the five road blocks to establishing a morning quiet time (and how to overcome them!)Five Reasons You Struggle to Establish a Morning Quiet Time (and how to fix it!)

Until I had children, I was not a morning person. So the idea of waking up early and spending time with God was never a favorite. Honestly, I struggled to find the time to meet with Him at any point in the day. As a result, I spent years never personally connecting with Christ.

In this free resource, I identify five barriers that kept me from establishing a morning quiet time and how I overcame them! If you are struggling to wake up and connect with God, I humbly offer my experience in hopes that it will transform the way you view the mornings, too! Fill out the form below to request your copy.

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