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My Word of the Year is ‘No’

My Word of the Year is NO

This past week, as one year ended and another began, all of my friends on social media were sharing their “Word of the Year”. It was so fun to read their choices; words like Dream, Trust, Dig in, and Embrace. I decided I, too, wanted a word to live by this year! So, during one of my morning times with God, I asked Him what that word might be. As quick as a whip, the word I heard was “NO”.

Not, “no” as in “No, you can’t have a word for this year”; but “no” as in “You need to start saying ‘no’…and you need to say it often.”

I am entering 2018 with a *very* full plate. Between ministry, writing, and motherhood I’ve essentially walked to the cupboard of life, pulled out the turkey platter, and told the world, “LOAD ME UP”!!

Don’t get me wrong- it’s loaded with a lot of great things, things I love and feel called to. And technically I can do it all. I can. If I hustle.

But I am so, *so* sick of hustling.

Picking a Different Plate

Speaker and author, Michele Cushatt, talked about workload capacity one day on her podcast Communicator Academy. She told co-host, Kathi Lipp, that her workload capacity wasn’t even a dinner plate- it was a dessert plate: only big enough for the very best things.

PREACH IT, Michele Cushatt!

This year, I am chunking the turkey platter and am reaching for a dessert plate. And you can keep your dessert sampler, I’ll just have a slice of chocolate pie, thanks very much…maybe with a touch of whip cream.

I briefly considered quitting everything on January 1st. Just calling everyone up and declaring emotional bankruptcy. But the Lord gently pointed out the word He gave me was “no”, not “quit”. I would have to let my yes be yes, and allow these activities to run their course. Most everything ends in May.

Until then, nothing else is added to this plate. Literally, nothing. And after May, when everything ends, nothing will replace them. And in the Fall, when everything starts back, my answer will be, “No, thank you, not this time”.

Lord, give me the strength to actually say no!

So what about you? Are you feeling a little ragged around the edges? Is your “all-you-can-eat lifestyle” just about worn you out? I pray we can both find strength and space in this tiny little word. I pray we can both start wielding the power of ‘No’.

Cheering You On, Mama!


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