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Five Reasons Your Work Matters

Believe me, Mama, your work matters. I know it's hard. You've got all the things vying for your attention and honestly, your work comes in pretty low on the totem pole. I'm sure there are days you wonder if you're doing matters at all. But I want you to know: it does. Here are five reasons ... READ the POST

How to Wait Well When God Says ‘Not Yet’

After seven years as an administrative assistant, I couldn't wait for a job change. I wanted something new and exciting! Something that tapped into my gifts and passions. Yet, each time I sent out my resume it felt as if I was shouting into a dark, deserted hallway; nothing but an echo returning ... READ the POST

Learning to Pivot in the Midst of Crisis

After 32 years of living, you would think I could recognize it by now, but I still struggle to see it when it's happening. The invitation to pivot, to change directions and seek out a new path, is often born out of a sense of crisis. What feels like an ending is really a new beginning; one I'd ... READ the POST

How to Hold On To Peace While Pursuing Your Dreams

I can think of few things as exhilarating as launching a new dream. Pursuing our passion stretches us in ways we could never imagine. We wear new hats, meet new people, learn new tricks, and try new things. It’s pure joy and adrenaline! That is, until the fear sets in. When God first called me to ... READ the POST

Five Practical Ways to Cultivate Humility

What if I told you there was really only one barrier keeping you from going deeper into your relationship with God? And what if I told you there was really only one thing you needed to cultivate to overcome that barrier? While I may not know you, or where you are in your personal walk with ... READ the POST


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