Five reasons your work matters

Five Reasons Your Work Matters

5 Reasons Your Work Matters

Believe me, Mama, your work matters.

I know it’s hard. You’ve got all the things vying for your attention and honestly, your work comes in pretty low on the totem pole. I’m sure there are days you wonder if what you’re doing matters at all. But I want you to know: it does.

Here are five reasons why:

1. You were called to this.

If you believe God placed this dream in your heart, then you, friend, have been called to do it. And when He’s called you to do something, you shouldn’t take it lightly. Your calling is a form of worship. It’s an act of obedience. Your work matters because it matters to God. It’s as simple (and amazing) as that.

2. God is at work in your work.

You know that shirt you’re designing? That post you’re writing? That photo you’re editing? It’s not just another task on your to-do list. If done well, it holds within it Christ’s redemptive power. Listen, Mama, your work is shaping you. God is working through your work to develop you, transform you, and make you more like His Son. Your work, when done “as unto the Lord” becomes a conduit through which the power of Christ flows into the world. There is power and purpose in even the most menial task, and that is why it matters.

3. Your kids are watching.

Sure, they may not totally understand what Mama does when she works, but don’t think for a minute that they aren’t paying attention. By investing in your dream, you are teaching your children the value of taking a chance, believing in themselves, and following God’s lead. You have the power to teach them how to run a small business with integrity and what it looks like to live a full life well. Your work can become a powerful testimony of what God can do when we offer up our gifts with hope- and few things matter more than that.

4. The mama behind you is watching.

Your kiddos aren’t the only ones who are watching you. The mama coming up behind you, (the one who has a dream but doesn’t know where to start) she’s watching you, too. The steps you are taking, the way you are moving ahead- they’re an inspiration to her, and they show her those big dreams she’s holding can come true! Your work matters because it shows others that their work matters, too. How amazing is that?

5. The world needs your work.

Perhaps you write, like me. Or maybe you design jewelry or graphics! Whatever you offer the world, trust me, there is someone out there that is looking for exactly what you are offering. It’s true, there may be hundreds of other people who do what you do, but no one does it like you. There is a phrase often quoted in my writing circles: “The world needs your words”, and Mama, the same is true of you. The world needs your work. It adds beauty, it adds joy, and it meets a need- and that, Mama, is why your work matters.

Cheering you on!


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Five Reasons Your Work Matters

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