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The Five Pockets of Time You Need to Build Your Business

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You’ve got big dreams…but you also have kids.

Have you ever wished you had more time in your day?

Listen, I’ve been there! And while I am a BIG advocate of allowing motherhood to define the boundaries of your business, I also believe you don’t have to wait to pursue your dreams. So how do you balance it all? Honestly, it begins with identifying the time you do have and using it well.

I began my writing career when my son was 2 months old (not the brightest idea I’ve ever had). With his big sister running circles around us both, I had to learn how to stay present with my kids while working towards my goals. I definitely didn’t do it well (there were plenty of distracted bathtimes), but I eventually found my way.

The Game Changer: Identifying Five Pockets of Time

What made the difference? Identifying the five key pockets of time I had throughout my week and learning to use them strategically. Understanding when I had these pockets of time, and (more importantly) the kind of work I could accomplish within those pockets, was a game changer.

In fact, it was so helpful that I created a quick guide to help you identify these five pockets of time in your own week! This guide not only describes each pocket, it also details the kind of work that fits best in each one. Finally, I give you a chance to find those pockets in your own life and discern the best ways to use them.

Are you ready to gain back the hours you need to grow your business?

I can’t wait to hear how these identifying and utilizing these five pockets of time changes the way you work towards your dreams while raising your family.

Cheering you on!