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Standing Strong

It's Time to Stand Strong

A bit about the author…

I first “met” Alli Worthington through her book, Breaking Busy. I immediately fell in love with the comfortable way she invited us into the harder parts of her life all the while equipping us with practical tools to deal with the harder parts of our own lives. Alli has written several other books since Breaking Busy, including, The Year of Living Happy and Fierce Faith and she co-runs a writing community with Lisa Whittle called Called Creatives (of which I am a member!). Alli is someone you want in our corner and in your head. Her theology is strong, her passion contagious, and her books are a joy to read.

What I loved about this Standing Strong…

Standing Strong is a battle cry for anyone who is leaning into a new assignment. I love Alli’s vulnerability and authenticity as she shares some of her hardest struggles including personal sickness, the illnesses of a loved one, hard financial situations, and a terrifying call to pivot in her work.

I especially loved the way Alli structured this book. First, she affirms the call on our lives as women, as well as your unique calling within the time and place you find yourself. Then Alli deals with six of the most common thoughts that hold us back. These are thoughts we’ve all struggled with: thoughts of inadequacy, fears of failure, and labels others have placed upon us. Finally, Alli equips us with six, equally compelling strategies to move past those hang-ups and forward in our calling.

This would be a fantastic book to read with one or two other women and Alli provides some thoughtful discussion questions at the end of each chapter. She also provides us with a few powerful action items, challenging us to take her encouragement and put it into practice. I highly recommend this book if you want to get unstuck and get fired up about your assignment.

A few of my favorite quotes…

“For Christians, however, women belong in only one place: squarely in the center of where God has sent her.” (pg.4)

“Sometimes doing something great in the world means doing things no one will ever see or know about.” (pg. 26)

“God delights in partnering with you for his purposes, and it’s time you believed that.” (pg. 118)

“Small day-to-day acts of obedience are what shape us into great women of God.” (pg. 160)

“The waiting, the in-between, the messy middle is where the good and the hard stuff is. Welcome to your divine middle ground. This is where your wobbly legs get strong, where the voice you’ve lost comes back. It’s where the heart that was broken gets healed.” (pg. 190)

“The world needs women who will walk faithfully and fearlessly in their gifts, not to glorify the gifts but to bring glory to God. you were created to partner with God by bringing his purposes to life in this world. You and I were created to be great women of god and do the work of God right here, right where we are.” (pg. 194)

You should read “Standing Strong” if…

If you are feeling called by God to do something you don’t understand or feel equipped to do, this is the book for you!

Cheering you on, Mama!






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