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Is the Voice In My Head God or Just Me?

Is the voice in my head God or just me?

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Today’s book review is a bit different than most because it’s not really a book…Today I’m reviewing Sandy Cooper’s Bible Study, “Is the Voice in My Head God or Just Me?

A Bit About the Author…

Sandy Cooper lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband of 27 years. Together they have four children, though their oldest passed away at nine months old. Sandy’s passion is helping frazzled women find peace. She has been a Bible teacher for over thirty years and has authored her own study,  Finding Your Balance. She is also the host of the award-winning podcast, The Balanced Momcast.

Why I picked it up…

I met Sandy through a writing group about two years ago. We immediately clicked and have become good friends, chatting almost daily! She’s so funny and wise and has influenced my faith in big ways. So, when she invited me to be an early reader of her newest study, I jumped at the chance. It was April 2020 and we were still in the middle of the national shutdown. When I learned the topic of the study I nearly cried- never have I needed to hear the voice of God more than in that moment. I was all in.

I loved going through this study the first time, but honestly, I couldn’t wait to go through it again. Since it’s launch this January, I have picked up a hard copy (my first read-through was digital) and started going through the study a second time. Yes…it’s that good.

What I loved about it…

Sandy’s writing feels more like a conversation- her subtle humor and occasional side notes make you feel like you’re grabbing a cup of coffee with a good friend. She’s also incredibly pastoral. It’s clear she cares very much that you understand and read God’s Word for yourself. Throughout the study, she invites you to read the full chapter around a key verse in order to gain context, or suggests extra verses and chapters to read if you want to dig deeper.

During my first read through, I was super impressed with how comprehensive this study was. Sandy covers topics like the ways in which God speaks, the five keys to becoming a good listener, as well as discerning between our inner voice (and flesh), the voice of the enemy, and the voice of God. She even covers what to do when God is silent. Every time she would allude to something we would discuss more in a later chapter, I would find myself thinking “Oh Good!! I have lots of questions about that!!”

Finally, this is a very “hands-on” study. Sandy’s workbook is 320 (BIG) pages long. The reason the workbook is so big is because of all the space Sandy gives you to work through and respond to what you’re learning. I love how often Sandy encourages us to write out a verse, reflect on what we’re learning, or apply truth to our current life situation.

A few of my favorite quotes…

“Inclining your ear means to stretch, reach, and arrange your life in such a way as to make hearing Him possible.  It may mean to maintain a “standing attitude” or “stop moving or doing” until you hear God speak. This often means putting into practice the necessary lifestyle changes, both internally and externally, that will maximize your chances of hearing God. You must create an environment where hearing God’s voice, as much as it depends on you, is inevitable.”

“Sometimes the most loving act we can perform for our people is to pull away from the noise of life so we can make room in our thoughts to hear God speak.”

“If God has spoken something to you, He expects you to take it seriously and to obey it. And often, He will refrain from speaking to you any further until you obey what He’s already said to you.”

This book is for you if….

If you ever struggle to hear God’s voice…if you hear things and wonder if it’s God speaking or your own thoughts…if you have ever wondered what a life oriented towards hearing God’s voice looks like, then this is the book for you!


If you’re not ready to purchase the study yet, but you’d like to learn more, I encourage you to listen to this episode of Sandy’s podcast! In it, she reads the introduction of her study and shares her heart behind the book.

Cheering you on, Mama!


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