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Interview with the Gotcha Mama Podcast

Gotcha Mama Podcast

Earlier this year, I sat down with Amanda Bennett, host of the Gotcha Mama Podcast, and shared my heart for mamas who feel called to pursue their God’ given passions in the midst of motherhood. This interview was such an honor and so much fun!

In this episode, Amanda and I talk about how we can embrace motherhood AND our calling without “hustling harder”. We also discuss why it’s important for moms to pursue what’s on their hearts in the middle of motherhood. And, that if Jesus is the center of everything we do, we can move at His pace and trust that He’ll unfold our dreams in a way that gives us life- not anxiety. This was such an important conversation to have and Amanda is an amazing host. I know you’ll walk away feeling energized and inspired by this conversation- I know I did!

You can listen to the entire interview, here: Breaking Free from the Need to Hustle as a Christ-following Entrepreneur.

About Gotcha Mama:

Moms of young children share the joys and struggles of their motherhood journey to inspire and entertain you. Listen in on honest discussions about how none of us know what the heck we’re doing as moms and the beauty in figuring it all out together.  Moms just like you talk about a range of topics from awkwardly making mom friends, to finding purpose in life, to managing crippling anxiety and depression. The show is all about tearing down our insecurities as moms by honestly sharing our stories and a little of what we’ve learned along the way. We believe it’s a whole lot better riding the rollercoaster of motherhood together!

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