Five reasons your work matters

The Key to Productivity in God’s Economy

Seven months into parenthood, I knew something had to change. I had expected the diaper changes, the snotty noses, even the sleepless nights; but I had not anticipated the frustration, the fear, or the perpetual feeling of falling behind. I woke up one morning to my daughter babbling in her ... READ the POST

I’m Not Mom Enough For More Kids

I need to do a little external processing here. And I figured what better place to do that than with my ETMB tribe? So, I hope you’ll excuse me as I try to work through some rather complicated feelings I have about capping my family at two kids. I have been gifted with the most beautiful ... READ the POST

So, You Have a Dream…

Hey there, Mama. What are you dreaming about these days? Do you have a small business budding in the corner of your heart? A side-hustle you think about while folding clothes? I’ve been there. In fact, I’m still there. Nearly seven years ago I founded a small non-profit organization called ... READ the POST

Why Mommies Need Mentors

I never imagined motherhood would be so isolating. I was prepared for the sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and even the Lego minefields, but I was not prepared for the loneliness. And I was certainly not prepared for the uncertainty. Before your child is verbal, your guess is as good as any to ... READ the POST

My Word of the Year is ‘No’

This past week, as one year ended and another began, all of my friends on social media were sharing their “Word of the Year”. It was so fun to read their choices; words like Dream, Trust, Dig in, and Embrace. I decided I, too, wanted a word to live by this year! So, during one of my morning times ... READ the POST

Supporting Your Friend Through a Miscarriage

The ringing phone reverberated through my quiet office. Without taking my eyes off of the file I was reading, I reached across my desk and picked up the receiver: “Expectant Heart Pregnancy Resource Center, this is Mary K. How can I help you?” “It's Emma...I…I lost the baby,” my sweet client ... READ the POST