The Fresh Start Bible: A Review


I have always loved reviewing books, but have never had the opportunity to review a Bible, until now! Late last month, I was invited to give my honest review for the Fresh Start Bible by the Blythe Daniel Agency. In exchange, I received two copies: One to keep and one to give away. You can […]

December 9, 2019

A Car Line Prayer: Ease Anxiety For The Day Ahead

Faith, Resource

School is here!! Anyone else feeling a tad anxious about allowing their little hearts to wander sooo very far from their bodies? This year, my daughter started PreK and while she is calm, cool, and collected about the whole thing, I am a bit emotional. If I could, I would be that mom hanging around […]

August 15, 2018

What I’m Loving Now: “Holy Hustle”


This month, I am loving a brand new book that is out called “Holy Hustle” by Crystal Stine. I met Crystal through a writers group I’m in. A few months ago, she posted about her new book and ask for help to launch it. The moment I read the title, my ears perked up and […]

June 8, 2018

Crafting a Rhythm of Grace for Your Mornings

Faith, Resource

There is something about the morning that lends itself to worship. The stillness, the quiet. The newness of the day. The beauty of the morning had been completely lost on me until three years ago. Up to that point, I had been a lover of sleep, craving ten or more hours of sleep a night. […]

July 18, 2017