Five Things I’ve Learned After Two Years of Writing


Today I am celebrating two years of writing! Well, ok, I have been writing off and on for the last twelve years- but this is the day, two years ago, I decided to take my writing seriously. That’s a big decision, you know. Maybe you write some, too. Perhaps in a journal? Or maybe on […]

January 23, 2019

Handling Busyness Like A Christian

Life, Off The Blog

“If the devil can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.” I’ve nodded my head in agreement with this statement more times than I can count. Yes, I know all too well the peril of a busy life, the kind that keeps you running at a breakneck pace and leaves you crabby and anxious. I have […]

November 19, 2018

A Friend When Tragedy Strikes

Life, Off The Blog

Friendship, even in the best of times, can be difficult to navigate. Friendship, in the midst of deep grief and tragedy, can feel nearly impossible. Four years ago, my friend, Kristin, lost her husband, Conner, in a sudden accident. There are no words to describe the heartbreak of watching a friend go through such a […]

November 1, 2018

Six Months in to Saying “No”


This week on Facebook, I shared a story about a little peach tree growing in my father-in-law’s yard. I talked about the lesson God revealed to me in it; which, essentially was: while we all want to be fruit-bearing trees, there are natural limitations we must respect or we can become dangerously overloaded with good […]

June 5, 2018

My Word of the Year is ‘No’


This past week, as one year ended and another began, all of my friends on social media were sharing their “Word of the Year”. It was so fun to read their choices; words like Dream, Trust, Dig In, and Embrace. I decided I, too, wanted a word to live by this year, so during one of […]

January 3, 2018

Remind Me of Who I Am

Faith, Life

Do you have that one song? The one your whole body responds to the moment you hear it? Your chest swells, your heart races, your elbows tingle (…just me?). I have a song like that. It’s Bethel United’s “No Longer Slaves”. The opening chords alone are enough to make me shout, “This song is my […]

February 23, 2017

No Right To Dream

Faith, Life

What if I told you, you had no right to dream? I hope you would quit me like a bad habit. It’s unlikely you would tolerate a lie like that from just anyone. Unfortunately, we tend to believe it when it comes from within. Being a dreamer, I have heard Satan whisper this line in my […]

February 16, 2017

Living In Ordinary Times

Faith, Life

If New Years teaches us anything, it is that we all love new beginnings, but none of us loves change. Of course, we know that nothing ever stays the same, and some seasons hold more change in them than others. At the end of 2016, my family was in the midst of one of those […]

February 9, 2017