What I’m Loving Now: Crafting A Rule of Life

Resource / Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Why I read this book:  I bought this book a few years ago as research for a project I was working on. It sat on my shelf until about a month ago, when I was in the middle of my quiet time one morning. I had been praying, asking God to help me be more intentional with my time and efforts, wishing I had some sort of study I could go through to help me. That’s when He reminded me of this book. I raced into my bedroom and pulled it off the shelf. For the next several weeks, I did one chapter a day during my quiet time. I would wake up excited to get to it- it was such a great study.

This book in a quote from Stephen A. Macchia: “A rule of life allows us to clarify our deepest values, our most important relationships, our most authentic hopes and dreams, our most meaningful work, and our highest priorities. It allows us to live with intention and purpose in the present moment.”

What the book is about: The book is a twelve session workbook for writing your own “rule of life”. I really love the way he structured it. He begins each chapter with a few “priming” questions to get you thinking. He then shares a Biblical Perspective on whatever principle he’s discussing as well as a Historical Perspective. I often found both of perspectives insightful and inspiring!

My favorite parts of the book were…I really loved the individuals he discussed in each historical perspective. I had never heard of many of the individuals he introduced, but they all have such profound stories of faith and purpose. I found myself wanting to read more on every one of them. I also loved the process as a whole he took me through. I actually came away with a rule or rhythm for my life, and to be honest, I wasn’t so sure I would.

The hardest thing about this book is… I think the hardest part was not skipping questions, but being sure to actually take the time to do the work. There were mornings I didn’t feel like going deep, but I didn’t want to breeze through the material and walk away with nothing. I never regretted pushing myself to answer his questions. It was always worth the self-discovery.

You may want to read this book if…You’re looking to mine out your deepest values and desires and live with intention and purpose.

You may not want to read this book, at least for now, if… If are already going through a Bible Study, or are not interested in a deeply personal study.

Where you can find the book: You can order it from Amazon, of course, and it is also available at Lifeway and Barnes and Noble.

Let me know if you go through the book! I’d love to hear what you thought.

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