What I’m Loving Now: “Holy Hustle”

Resource / Friday, June 8th, 2018

This month, I am loving a brand new book that is out called “Holy Hustle” by Crystal Stine.

I met Crystal through a writers group I’m in. A few months ago, she posted about her new book and ask for help to launch it. The moment I read the title, my ears perked up and I joined the launch team to get an advanced copy! One my passions is to help people fight the hustle and find their peace, so the insecure part of me was afraid I’d read her book and learn it wasn’t ok to “fight the hustle”. Luckily, it turns out we are on the same page!

Crystal seeks to redefine “hustle” for Christian women, drawing the line between building a kingdom for God and building one for ourselves. She also spends a great deal of time talking about rest, and how while God may have created us to be purposeful and productive creatures, he commanded us to rest, and we cannot neglect it. She covers a broad spectrum of topics relating to work- including what healthy competition looks like for Christians.

Crystal says, “Holy hustle helps us to hear God over the roar of the bossy world, so we can say yes to the work God has prepared our hearts for and no to the work that will drain our souls.” CAN I GET AN AMEN? This girl spoke my language the entire book. And I fully agree with her premise is that Godly hustle calls us to work hard at work God sets before us and to rest well to the same degree.

I was pleasantly surprised by the bible study she integrated into each chapter, (particularly loving her work hard/rest well study of Ruth) and the space she gave to reflect on your own life. I wasn’t expecting that in a book, but I enjoyed the opportunity she provided for me to apply what I was learning right then.

I have underlined all throughout the book, but the one line I’m still chewing on a week later is this: “What happens when the desire of our hearts to be apart of something big meets the call on our lives to dig deeper into the small places?” This is the question of my life right now and she has given me a lot to think about.

Overall, I’d give the book two thumbs up, and I’d highly recommend it for anyone out there who struggle to balance work and rest! And, bonus: it released THIS WEEK on Amazon! If you decide to read it, let me know! I’d love to hear what you thought.

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