The Next Right Thing Podcast

Resource / Thursday, May 24th, 2018

I spend a lot of time in the car with the kids these days- car naps are critical to my sanity! But it’s not just because I can strap my children in one place, where they can’t touch me, and will inevitably fall asleep. I have fallen in love with podcasts and often play one over my kid’s soft snores.

One in particular never fails to refresh and refocus me. On those days that motherhood threatens to overwhelm me, The Next Right Thing brings me off the ledge and keeps me going.

The host of NRT is Emily P. Freeman, one of my new favorite authors. Everything she writes is for the purpose of creating a space for your soul to breathe. I have often described this podcast to friends as “a spa for your soul”. Everything from her voice to the music, to the content of her 10-15 minute episode invites you to slow down and breathe. It’s lovely.

If you are feeling overwhelmed this month, and are looking for a way to rest, I’d encourage you to download and subscribe to The Next Right Thing podcast!

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