Devotionals / Saturday, March 31st, 2018

You know that feeling? When you cry- no, SCREAM- out to the Lord to do something, SAY something, anything, to show you he’s there. That he gives even an ounce of a flip about what’s going wrong with your life? But there’s no response. Just silence?

This Saturday 2,000 years ago, the silence must have been deafening. Quiet except for the weeping. Quiet except for the trembling. Quiet except for the memories of his words, “Where I go you cannot come…”

The fear they must have felt would have been all-consuming. We know this fear, too. The doubts creep in. Our trust begins to wane.

If you are there today, in that place of utter silence, cling to this: Tomorrow is Sunday! And Sunday reminds us that in our darkest moments He is not absent! He is fighting for you in the silence. He is moving on your behalf! He has and will continue to rescue you.

The silence isn’t how the story ends. Sunday is coming…

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