We Are Not All Children of God

Faith / Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

My pastor once told a story of a missionary who served in the Amazon. One day, this missionary walked into a village and found a beautifully handcrafted chair. Now, as there is no Ikea in the Amazon, everything the villagers had was made by their own hands. The missionary pulled the chair into the middle of the village and began praising the chair, gushing over its beauty, the exquisite craftsmanship, and the flawless design. Finally, he asked the villagers “Who made this beautiful chair?”

When the creator of the chair was identified, the missionary applauded his good work. He then asked if the creator had a child. As it turns out, he did. So the missionary asked, “Which do you love more? The chair or the child? Which would you save from destruction? The chair or the child?”

The chair-maker responded, “The child, certainly”.

“But why?” the missionary asked, “You made the chair, correct? And you also made the child? They are both your creations and are beautiful. So why would you value the child over the chair?”

The villager responded, “Because the child is alive.”

.       .      .      .

It is a common assertion that we are all children of God. But this is not actually Biblical. True, we are all part of God’s creation. We all bear his image, saved or unsaved, and are loved. Therefore we all have value and can be used. But we are not all children of God.

Ephesians 2:1-2 tells us that before we place our faith in Christ and are saved, we are dead in our sins. Dead! Not only are we dead, but Paul calls us “the sons of disobedience”, meaning before salvation, our father is Satan, the father of lies.

According to this, we are not the sons and daughters of God in our natural state.

Christ came to give us eternal life -— God’s very breath reanimating our souls, reuniting us with our creator, our father. He gives us this life in abundance, not withholding an ounce of his mercy, love, or grace

Why? Because, the moment we are saved, we become his children. We are no longer children of wrath. No longer sons of disobedience. We are adopted through the spirit of sonship, heirs with Christ. (Rom 8:15)

We move from being a useful, beautiful creation to becoming a living, breathing, beloved child of God.

How can you walk in this truth today?

Do you struggle to sit in the presence of God without “doing”? I do. I often act as if my value comes from my usefulness, but that is the mindset of a creation, not a child. A child is loved for her mere existence and her purpose is to be enjoyed solely for who and what she is, regardless of what she does.

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You have been given life, so breathe freely! Your limbs have been granted motion so dance for him! You are loved greatly by a kind, just, and compassionate father so live today in confidence and peace!

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