No Right To Dream

Faith, Life / Thursday, February 16th, 2017

What if I told you, you had no right to dream? I hope you would quit me like a bad habit. It’s unlikely you would tolerate a lie like that from just anyone. Unfortunately, we tend to believe it when it comes from within. Being a dreamer, I have heard Satan whisper this line in my ear often. So often, in fact, I had begun to tell it to myself. It wasn’t until I learned to push past this lie, that I was able to pursue my passion.

Six years ago, I dreamed of opening a pregnancy resource center. I had it all figured it; I knew exactly how I wanted it to run. But I didn’t believe I had any right to start something so big. I had no experience in non-profits. I had never experienced a crisis pregnancy. I was just a 23-year-old administrative assistant in a tiny East Texas town.

I remember being at lunch with my friend Deena and finally summoning the courage to voice my dream out loud. Towards the end of lunch, a middle-aged businessman walked up and gave Deena a hug. She greeted him warmly and then turned to introduce me, “This is my good friend Mary K.; she’s going to start a pregnancy center!” I was completely shocked she had said those words out loud…to another human being! I knew this guy was wondering what business I had starting a non-profit and immediately felt I needed to apologize for my audacious dream. “No, well, no, I’m just thinking about it!” I sputtered in response.

It took me months to feel comfortable telling people I was building the center. It wasn’t until things were really coming together that I could share my plans without feeling like I needed to apologize for dreaming so big.

Ofcourse, I am not completely without self-confidence! I am proud to say I have the spiritual gift of administration. This essentially means God personally gave me permission to purchase school supplies anytime I want. At least that’s what I tell my husband every time I come home from Target with yet ANOTHER planner…and some pens, notebooks, files, and labels. (I’ve also tried, “the Holy Spirit made me do it” and “It’s how I glorify God!”…but He ain’t buyin’ it.)

More practically, the gift of administration means that I am able to see the big picture and break it down into a million tiny steps. This came in handy when I started building the pregnancy center. While the end goal seemed impossible, taking the first step (sharing my dream with others) seemed doable. I was shocked when that lunch with Deena led to a meeting with her friend. After hearing my vision, he invited me to speak at a luncheon for other local businessmen. Those men became some of my strongest advocates and largest donors. After a few of those experiences, it was clear to me it doesn’t take magic to realize a dream; all it takes is faith and action. Every day I would take one obedient step forward and watch in amazement, as God laid out the next stone on which He wanted me to step. Finally, after 22 months of obediently taking one step and then another, the center I had no right building opened its doors.

It doesn’t take magic to realize a dream; all it takes is faith and action.


So what’s that dream you have no right dreaming? Do you dream of raising a house full of kids, even though you are exhausted by the one child you currently have? Do you dream of leading a team of professionals, even though you’ve never managed more than your own household? Maybe you dream of running a marathon, creating your own Etsy shop, or designing homes.

Whatever your dream, however audacious, take it from me: It’s not too crazy for our God, and you’re exactly the kind of person He loves to use! After all, it’s His dream. He’s just given it to you. So start speaking your dream out loud! Or tell a good friend who will speak it out loud for you! Then, leverage the gifts God gave you. If you aren’t sure what your gifts are, ask some trusted friends or take an online spiritual gifts tests. God created you for a specific purpose: For THIS purpose. Don’t allow Satan, or anyone else, to convince you otherwise. Finally, take the first obedient step (set up a meeting with someone who is doing what you want to do, send that first query letter, apply to that training program) and follow the Lord closely for each step thereafter.

Building Expectant Heart Pregnancy Resource Center was one of the most exhilarating times of my life. Working alongside the Lord is an incredible way to spend your days. What are you going to allow the Lord to do through you?

Need a safe place to voice your dreams? Want to verbalize your first step? Share them with me in the comments or send me a private message on Facebook! I’d love to be praying for you.

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  1. Beautifully written and heartfelt encouragement. Thank you for allowing me to share my hopes and dreams with you. Thank you for speaking into my vision, even yesturday! Love you

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