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Hmm, a little about me…

Well, I am mostly a mess.

 I met my husband at Texas A&M University in 2005. I resisted his charms for an entire year, but his persistence and gorgeous gray/blue eyes won out and in 2010 we were married. Because he had deep roots (and the only job between us) in East Texas, we promptly moved from the big city of Houston to the tiny town of Marshall, Texas. It was a difficult adjustment, but after seven years I have come to truly love the people and pace of East Texas.

In 2011, God took me on an amazing 4-year journey of founding and then directing a small, faith-based non-profit: Expectant Heart Pregnancy Resource Center. I learned so much about trusting God during those years. I was even honored with the inaugural “Heartbeat of the Future” award by Heartbeat International during their annual conference in 2013.

In 2014, we became parents to the most beautiful baby girl and I stepped down from Expectant Heart. I continued working at a local university as an administrative assistant and an online adjunct professor until November 2016 when we celebrated the birth of our son. I have always loved working, but once our little man was on his way, we decided I would stay home with both kids! And, while it’s still too early to call, I’m feeling like that was a good decision :).My Kiddos

I currently serve as the Women’s Ministry Team Leader at Mobberly Baptist Church’s Marshall Campus, where I am blessed to serve some incredible women.

I am a lover of coffee, new school supplies, and Cocoa Puffs (do NOT tell my three-year-old!).

I write to encourage all of those good soldiers, worker bees, and good girls to put down the to-do list and fall back in love with the Lord. This comes directly from my own faith story, which you can read about here! I know how easy it is to spend your life working for the Lord but never resting in his love. If that’s you, I pray you’ll feel encouraged here. My heart is to equip to you seek him, in hopes that you might truly encounter his love and be refreshed.

My sincerest prayer is that in the midst of my imperfect grammar and external processing, you will find hope and encouragement for your own walk with the Lord.



Mary Kathryn Tiller

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